If you've ever visited our studio, you'll know that we're different. Whether we're answering the door in our socks, screaming at each other while playing cards at lunch, or hanging out in downward dog for afternoon yoga, it's more of a household than a workplace. We spend our days together, work weekends together, and meet up after-hours for drinks or a meal. As cheesy at it sounds, we're a family, and that family dynamic pushes us with our work. We get competitive trying to out-do each other, whether it be with our filming styles or a creative edit. We take pride in our work as it is a reflection of ourselves, and we're always trying to be better. By investing in the newest technologies, staying current on trends and styles, and continually learning new techniques and programs, it is our goal to remain the industry leader in event video production.


We are very sensitive to the fact that milestones are so important in people's lives, and we want you to be entirely happy with your video. Unlike other video companies, we give you the opportunity to make changes before we go to finals. This means that you can take your proof disc home, watch it with family and friends, and then come back with whatever revisions you'd like. After nearly 30 years in the business, we know how important this is, and we want our videos to be a complete reflection of you and your day.


Our office has a complete open door policy, so if you ever feel like stopping by for a coffee and a chat we'd love to see you!


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